staceyI’m Stacey – a wife, and a mom to an energetic and curious almost 3 year old.  I love creating a healthy, clean, and simple life for my family.  We eat real, nutrient-dense foods – primarily we eat along the lines of a primal or paleo diet.  We also use all natural household and personal care products, many are DIY products made with essential oils, to keep toxins out of our home.  Essential oils have become an integral part of maintaining our health and wellness.  I’ve created this blog as a way to share these experiences and maintain all my recipes in one place!  Hopefully others will try them and enjoy them too!


ryanI’m Ryan – a husband, and a dad to the same aforementioned energetic and curious toddler. I’m a big health nut, and while my interests in health and fitness mostly align with Stacey, there are a few areas where our opinions differ slightly, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to provide another perspective when I have a chance to post. I’ve been a big essential oil fan ever since Stacey brought them into our home, and I’m excited to share what works for me. I’m also pumped up to hear what works for other people too, so please don’t hesitate to comment and strike up a conversation!


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